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FreemarketHub helps your company to perform better through making employees happier by giving them more freedom in all aspects of their work (what work they do, how they do it, when and where they work, and how much they work at all) and rewarding them fairly.

It is achieved through distribution of all work bits via private company marketplace where employees (or freelancers) can propose on which conditions they could do particular work pieces (how they want to do it, in which time, and on what budget), and project leader/manager chooses the most suitable person & offer for each work.

Freedom that makes employees happier,
and company—more efficient!

What is freedom in work?

It is possibility to choose What, How, When, Where & How much work to do.

What to do

Freedom in what to do means giving the space to choose what employees can work on. Usually choice of work is driven by weighing following factors:

  • What one likes to do
  • What one believes in, thinks is important, thinks would make a difference
  • What one can get better paid for (taking into account his skills required)

Given enough freedom everybody can indicate their preferences which would maximize their happiness.

When to work

It shouldn’t matter for the employer: regular work hours or weekends, early mornings or late nights - whatever makes the worker happy.

Where to work

Once there’s no need to control if employees are working (right there, right now), there is no necessity for having any requirements about that.

Moreover, it's even better for the employer if employee can work outside the office because it yields lower office costs.

How much to work

Not everybody is happy with a standard 40h work week: it depends on a person and even for the same person changes from time to time.

After all, hours don’t matter - results do. So leave it up to people: full time, less or more.

People themselves can manage their own time better than anybody else can do it for them - they know it the best if they have the capacity to take on more work or not, when they can deliver, how much it would cost.

Which reward is fair?

Fair reward is determined via internal company marketplace through demand and supply for the services of the particular person.

Freedom & Fair Reward Happiness Creative, High Quality & Effective work

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